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Squamataur experiment by Karbo

I've never seen a squamataur before, so it's a good thing you drew one!!!

This concept is golden! I can understand why you were giggling while drawing it, because I was laughing out loud while seeing it!

I like how you didn't use borders to separate the panels... It looks very clean.

Also, the fairy is not boring. She is a bit different in every panel, and you can see her playful personality! The squamataur also has fun emotions. She seems glad to volunteer in this experiment at first, but then she gets annoyed!!

One thing... In the last panel, I first thought she was spitting something... Then I found out it was her tongue!!! I don't know...Maybe there should only be one tongue, because the Fairy isn't moving that fast. Right now, it looks like the squamataur is spitting something, or that she has 3 tongues... or maybe it's just me being silly.

Anyway...I love the patterns. You started with simple colors, then subtle patterns, like that of leaves, earth and darkness and even fire...Then the patterns became loud and silly. I love her expression on the Christmas tree pattern.

Question: When she camouflages in real life, would a "predator" see here hair and top?

I gave you 4 1/2 for Originality only because this comic reminded me of Randall's training in Monsters Inc. But I like yours better!

Well, that's another critique...I hope I'm getting better at these. Thanks for everything Karbo. You're amazing!
The Artist thought this was FAIR
9 out of 9 deviants thought this was fair.


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